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Intelligent Transportation Systems

ARINC designs intelligent transportation systems that streamline operations and improve efficiency.

We design and develop complete, end-to-end solutions, or integrate our software with your existing applications. For example, ARINC has deployed our Advanced Information Management (AIM) System to monitor and control the I-90 Highway Tunnels for Washington Department of Transportation.

We've also worked with the Federal Highway Administration to develop a number of advanced intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies, including dedicated short-range communications. We perform full analysis and testing of our communications and navigation systems—and provide the test facilities and services to verify the performance of your application.

ARINC has also provided research and development for the National Transportation Communications ITS Protocol (NTCIP) and has worked with various traffic-control product vendors to help them implement this technology in their products.

Using our unique communications technology and industry experience, we've developed a range of solutions—radio, microwave, wireless, network, and satellite communications—that allow operators to keep track of and manage their worldwide assets, whether they're in the air, on the road, running on rails, or riding the seas. ARINC is a leader in intelligent transportation systems, including communications and traveler information systems design and integration, that smooth your operations and save money.