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Passenger Information Systems

Quick Facts

  • Delivers customer satisfaction by providing up-to-date passenger information
  • Multimodal capability accepts airline, train, bus, and other information system feeds
  • Seamlessly integrates with multiple terminal information and display systems

Today's passenger information systems are the key communications link between transportation operators and the traveling public. Along with system reliability, safety, and general appearance, the ability for operators to provide accurate, current information on arrival and departure times and gates—information the traveler needs to keep moving efficiently—is a key component of customer satisfaction.

ARINC's integrated Passenger Information System provides up-to-date estimated times of arrival and departure for trains, buses, and planes. The system delivers the ultimate in operational flexibility and integration, seamlessly accepting data feeds from ARINC or third-party automatic train supervision and airline dispatch systems. The system also supports interfaces to terminal flight information displays, platform signs, "Help Point" hardened telephones, call centers, closed-circuit television systems, and state-of-the-art public address systems—everything needed to keep you fully connected to your customers.

ARINC developed the first multimodal Advanced Traveler Information System, which provides information on air, highway, ferryboat, Amtrak, rail, and bus transit, as well as rental car, restaurant, hotel, and current event information. This system was the forerunner of many of today's Internet-based travel services.

Ask ARINC how we can configure a multimodal passenger information system that meets your operation's unique requirements.