Rail Control Center Integration

Quick Facts

  • Increases reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of operations
  • Uses commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software
  • Stays current with evolving rail operator requirements


Rail Systems Integration Datasheet

ARINC delivers state-of-the-art Advanced Information Management (AIM®) rail control centers that incorporate flexibility and features for commuter, subway, light-rail, or freight railway operators. ARINC maximizes the use of off-the-shelf hardware and software to keep costs down while updating and customizing existing communications and control systems.

ARINC has been designing and delivering rail command, control, and communications centers for more than 15 years. ARINC has been able to improve the operational effectiveness of the AIM solution by continuing to add new functions and features to keep current with evolving rail operating requirements. Strong customer relationships and open lines of communication allow us to strengthen and expand our already successful AIM product.

Originally developed for the demanding rail dispatching environment, AIM now handles a variety of advanced tasks applicable for rail, light rail, commuter rail, and subway systems; highway, bridge, and tunnel applications; and security:

  • Integrated Multimodal Control Centers
  • Customer Information Systems
  • Passenger Announcements
  • Dispatch Control Functions
  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Incident Management

The key aspect of each AIM control center solution is the customizable network design. ARINC works with our customers to optimize the overall performance of their communications network. Operator satisfaction and confidence is greatly increased when system response times are fast. In order that backup control centers operate efficiently and effectively, ARINC also assists with the architecture of the communication and control network.

From rail and dispatching to facility access control and integrated SCADA applications, AIM is the cost-effective control center technology of the future.