Government Security

We’re building bridges between people, agencies, and governments—in the U.S. and across borders around the world.

ARINC’s air/ground, terrestrial, and wireless networks provide one of the most reliable infrastructures possible to support our vital security interests. Our long experience with secure networking, protocol translation, and encryption gives us insight into the latest techniques for information security as well.

This ARINC technology and “know how” are leading the way in bridging the interoperability gap. The ARINC Wireless Interoperability Network Solution, or AWINSTM, is a high-speed national communications network solution that allows multiple emergency agencies to interconnect when they need to most. Based on years of ARINC experience with mission-critical communications for airports, law enforcement, and the military, AWINS allows police, fire, health departments, utility companies, local governments—even FEMA, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security—to become securely interconnected.

Our solutions also include the Advanced Information Management (AIM®) system. AIM bridges security subsystems—access control systems, closed circuit TV, digital video recording, perimeter intrusion detection—by allowing control centers to fluently exchange information, while building “complete operating pictures” for well-protected public facilities.

ARINC gives government agencies the assurance of single-source responsibility—vital when a new network must work with legacy systems or seamlessly integrate critical subsystems. And we back it up with the in-depth integration knowledge that’s imperative for a successful installation.