Intrusion Detection System

Scalable Perimeter Security

Quick Facts

  • Monitors, detects, and alarms unauthorized entry to facility perimeter, secure areas, and equipment locations
  • Fast integration and setup
  • Silent duress alerts among console operators

Whether it’s a nuclear power plant, a mass transit system, an airport, a college campus, or any other facility that needs to be secured, ARINC offers versatile, innovative technology to protect the perimeter of vital operations.

ARINC’s Intrusion Detection System (IDS)—coupled with our Advanced Information Management (AIM) system—provides a comprehensive answer for the toughest security challenges.

We understand how critical security is to every facet of an infrastructure. Not only are managers continuously meeting more stringent requirements, they also need highly reliable, fully integrated systems that support efficient, cost-effective operations.

IDS is a multi-faceted, sophisticated perimeter detection system, implementing the latest sensor, electronic-field, microwave, magnetic switch, silent-alarm, and closed circuit technology available. The formidable system provides a robust answer to the complex, mission-critical security challenges nuclear plants, airports, and mass transit face every day.

IDS is also easy to install, maintain, and upgrade. ARINC Managed Services (AMS) provides expert network operations support, full maintenance, and staffing throughout the lifecycle of any IDS system. From design to integration, IDS systems are optimized and scaled to meet your security needs.