Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Quick Facts

  • Easily understandable visualization of complex, spatial transportation data
  • Powerful, cost-effective transportation planning, operations, analysis, and maintenance tool
  • Fast development of customized GIS solutions

Because of the spatial nature of transportation data, professionals in the industry use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a powerful tool for visualization, planning, operations, analysis, and maintenance across many areas and functions. Using a base map and layered, geographically coded data, GIS provide a variety of spatial views and broad query capability.

ARINC develops and uses customized GIS to perform cost-effective analyses of existing and planned operational and communications assets and as an effective tool for rapidly displaying easily understandable information to aid complex system operations and maintenance.

ARINC-developed Geographical Information Systems have proven to be effective for managing and analyzing transportation assets, facilities, and communications inventories. Other applications include use in automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems; traffic, incident, and weather data dissemination; trip planning; and radio coverage prediction.

Ask ARINC how our team of professionals can develop a Geographical Information System that will meet the specific needs of your agency or organization.