Enterprise Access Authorization System

Quick Facts

  • Fast, automated access-authorization processing
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Single or multisite processing
  • Shared database eliminates duplicate data entry and errors

If business is to continue uninterrupted at secure facilities, access to controlled areas must be granted to authorized individuals who have been prescreened and noted as trusted personnel—as efficiently as possible.

ARINC's Enterprise Access Authorization System (EAAS) allows facility-management personnel to accomplish this goal. It automates many of the tasks involved in qualifying individuals for unescorted access within secured areas, including data gathering and dissemination, authorization processing, and issuance of corporate badges.

The EAAS consists of hardware and software components running on the Microsoft Windows NT operating system. The system can be configured to include specific business rules used by a particular military or commercial facility to qualify individuals for unescorted access. The EAAS server stores relevant access-authorization information, which is then used to establish access levels and personnel badge attributes. These attributes are used by a corporate badging system to produce badges for personnel throughout the enterprise. The EAAS-native badging station option is totally flexible—it can be configured to ARINC's or any other commercial badge production system.

EAAS can act as a stand-alone system or can link to various other information sources, external computing systems, biometric devices, or site security systems. Changes in personnel status are automatically sent to external security systems for immediate use in access-control transactions. By allowing all authorized users to share common data, the system speeds authorization processing, eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and the attendant risk of data errors and inconsistencies, and speeds report generation.