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AIM® Enterprise Security Platform

Greater Situational Awareness for Your Entire Infrastructure

Quick Facts

  • Security System Integration for businesses and corporations
  • COTS hardware and software
  • Custom platforms for network-centric facilities
  • Faster startup and new capability deployment


AIM ESP Datasheet

To get the most out of security resources and manpower, companies need fully integrated systems that maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The AIM Enterprise Security Platform (ESP) provides sophisticated monitoring and command and control of third-party subsystem activities and alarms, giving operators the advantages of a common operational picture, whether it’s a single or multiple-zone facility. The modular, easily expandable solution is smarter, faster, and safer, enabling less personnel to monitor more facilities, more cost-effectively.

Specifically designed and scaled for specific enterprise environments, AIM ESP is an open platform based on industry standards, utilizing COTS hardware and software to integrate legacy systems and cutting-edge security equipment, effectively creating one advanced command and control solution to increase situational awareness throughout your infrastructure.

AIM ESP modules perform:

  • Intrusion Detection for direct connect or smart sensors
  • Real-time alarm and event processing
  • Modular design for easy third-party system integration
  • Multiple Database Incorporation for large and small scale implementation
  • Third-Party Access Control
  • IP CCTV surveillance video management for any new or existing video platforms
  • Real-time graphical display and event video management
  • GIS incorporation for Situational Awareness
  • System health monitoring for supported subsystem peripheral devices
  • Integrated user application environment with event reporting capabilities
  • Video and data repositories for efficient information retrieval