Advanced Information Management (AIM®) Security

Versatile Command and Control Platform Solutions

Quick Facts

  • Security software and systems integration for critical infrastructure
  • Built-in redundancy for servers, peripheral equipment, and field I/O device
  • Scalability across single or multiple zones
  • Network topology customized for rapid response times
  • Integration capabilities with most common equipment suppliers
  • Legacy and new technology investment protection


ARINC Advanced Information Management (AIM) Datasheet

Security ScreensOptimizing a security architecture to meet today’s threats presents tough challenges for designers of critical infrastructure protection systems. Security managers need fully integrated systems that can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of disparate legacy equipment, can easily adapt to new technologies and keep implementation and operating costs within budget. ARINC’s AIM platform is designed to be a scalable, configurable, and cost-effective platform that seamlessly integrates existing devices, software and networks with cutting-edge security technology on certified interfaces.

AIM’s flexibility makes it a powerful, reliable platform for any infrastructure that requires real-time situational awareness for the safety and security of personnel, customers, and facilities. The proven system is a market leader in the critical infrastructure security industry and has been configured for protection of nuclear power facilities, mass transit, government facilities, military installations, airports, seaports and education campuses.

AIM capabilities encompass:

The sophisticated command and control application provides a singular management system that monitors all subsystems, brings together the advanced technology that will enhance the safety and security of your entire operation, and reduces personnel, training and operating costs.