Transportation and Critical Infrastructure Security

No threat to security can be ignored today, and many critical facilities—transit systems, power plants, and ports—look to ARINC for answers to complex security challenges.

To enhance security and safety, ARINC has designed our Advanced Information Management (AIM®) solution to support both mission-critical infrastructures and regional transportation applications with integrated control and security systems. These systems include but are not limited to communications, access control, badging, CCTV monitoring, intrusion detection, and asset monitoring.

ARINC Infographic - Critical Infrastructure Security

Our Enterprise Access Authorization System (EAAS) permits reliable unescorted access in secure areas through the versatile application of electronic card readers, radio-frequency IDs, hand-geometry units, fingerprint scanners, keypads, and other technologies.

ARINC is constantly evaluating new biometric, imaging, sensing, and data processing tools for ways to enhance security. ARINC developed the Identity Management Service (IdMS) to enhance airport security through the use of these biometric identifiers.

ARINC's Identity Management Service for the port worker captures a worker's biometric ID and local security clearances in a secure database and coordinates the data among participating ports. Workers carry a smart card that establishes ID, but is useless if lost or stolen. The same IdMS smart card technology has immediate applications in corporate and enterprise security environments.

For customers interested in a regional or national application, ARINC can build upon our secure global network, AviNet®, which moves mission-critical data—passenger IDs, immigration data, travel documentation, clearances—between law enforcement agencies, transportation authorities, governments, and industries worldwide.