People. Information. Infrastructure.

At ARINC security is woven into the fabric of everything we do. Whether physical or cyber ARINC capabilities help customers protect the most critical elements of their business.   


Transportation & Critical Infrastructure


ARINC security systems safeguard the nation’s most critical infrastructure. Our advanced command and control and information management platforms protect nuclear power plants, national reserves, refineries, airports, transit systems and government facilities.

ARINC’s vast, highly-adaptable communications infrastructure protects vital government interests. From air traffic control for the FAA to electronic border security for governments all over the world to communications interoperability for first responders ARINC capabilities build essential solutions for government interests.




100,000 take-off and landings, 15,000 aircraft, 300 airlines and 150 airports around the world rely on ARINC every day to deliver millions of datacom messages and integrate vital systems that support the complex global aviation industry.


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