P25 Radio Systems

Quick Facts

  • Vendor-neutral LMR systems and integration
  • Lower your total cost of ownership
  • Trunked and conventional system design
  • Coverage analysis, frequency planning, system installation and management, user training, maintenance and support

Did You Know

ARINC maintains a fully functional multi-vendor, multi-site P25 customer demonstration and test environment at our headquarters in Annapolis?
Click here to schedule a P25 Radio system demonstration in our lab.

With more than eight decades of mission-critical radio experience covering every continent on the planet, ARINC delivers P25 radio systems that meet the toughest operational requirements. We design systems based on your requirements, deploying and supporting radios from a wide variety of vendors to maintain a neutral approach, keep costs down, and help customers achieve true interoperability.

ARINC builds exceptional systems by focusing on standards-based products with the capabilities and benefits our customers must have. The distributed switchless technology of the Cassidian (formerly EADS) CORP25 Digital Trunking System supports lower implementation costs, requires less bandwidth, and is more fault tolerant than traditional system designs. Each model is thoroughly tested before deployment, ensuring optimal interoperability.

And we apply the same approach to all components of each radio system, including consoles, logging recorders, networks, and microwave systems. Unlike a single-vendor solution where you may have a great portable radio, but an unsatisfactory or inadequate console, ARINC’s multi-vendor designs provide you with the best products across the board and seamless implementation.