AWINSTM Interoperability Lab

The AWINS Interoperability Lab is a fully functional multi-vendor customer demonstration and test environment for our P25 radio capabilities. The testing and demonstration labs, located in Annapolis, MD and Manheim, PA respectively, enable our engineering team and partners to test new products, validate operational behavior, determine ease of deployment, and assess long-term manageability of products. We go beyond compliance testing to evaluate how well a product will meet real-world expectations.

The lab features:

  • Multi-site Cassidian Communications CORP25 Digital Trunking System (both locations)
  • P25-Compliant radios from multiple vendors
  • Conventional and Proprietary Trunked radios
  • Dispatch consoles
  • Logging recorders
  • Legacy Radio Interoperability
  • Cisco VoIP phone system
  • Video surveillance
  • Paging and Alerting systems

Click here to schedule a P25 Radio system demonstration in our lab.