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Public Safety Communications

Integrated Land Mobile Radio Solutions—Real-time Communications for Real-World Challenges

Quick Facts

  • Complete integration among P25 and legacy radios
  • AWINS enables the use of existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technology to significantly reduce implementation costs
  • Proven, straightforward deployment
  • Can be implemented as fixed infrastructure or in a mobile command vehicle

Did You Know

ARINC maintains a fully functional multi-vendor, multi-site P25 customer demonstration and test environment at our headquarters in Annapolis?
Click here to schedule a P25 Radio system demonstration in our lab.

Police Officer Talking on PhonePublic safety, enterprise, and government agencies all rely on ARINC to solve their toughest interoperability challenges. Whether it’s on the local, state, or federal level, our customers have to stay connected whenever and wherever the need arises. They know ARINC has been providing mission-critical communications for more than 80 years. They know we understand that their communications simply cannot fail.

Focusing on the needs of first responders, the ARINC Interoperability team builds world-class, highly reliable communications systems, assuring you the coverage, reliability, and availability you need to perform your mission. The ARINC Wireless Interoperable Network Solutions (AWINS™) architecture was developed to deliver true interoperability—a standards-based platform designed to provide optimal flexibility, resiliency, a choice of vendors, lower costs, and a plan for future growth. Our engineers design and implement solutions that work with any manufacturer’s P25-compliant radios, dispatch consoles, recorders, legacy systems, and even other P25 networks. The result—emergency responders experience seamless operation regardless of the brand they are using.

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