ARINC Border Management System (ABMS)

Automating Primary and Secondary Lines Inspection

Quick Facts

  • Complete solution for Border Management
  • Prescreening using Advance Passenger Information
  • Highly scalable distributed architecture
  • Supports interactive Authority to Carry
  • Adapts to fit in with your business processes
  • Risk profiling based on configurable business rules

Examining Passenger IdentificationManaging immigration and emigration is an integral part of national security and international reputation, both of which have a direct impact on a nation’s economy and the safety of its people. A joined-up approach to border management and traveler facilitation is needed to keep travelers moving as efficiently as possible, and mitigating potential threats. ARINC’s Border Management System (ABMS) delivers a scalable integrated solution, enabling governments to combine traveler screening systems, risk assessment through profiling and investigation, authority to carry, and visit management—effectively securing borders at minimal cost.

Using Advanced Passenger Information (API), Passenger Name Records (PNR), and watch-lists, ABMS equips primary and secondary inspection points with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about every traveler. ABMS links data with control entry and exit to stop travelers at the border, deny boarding when necessary, and even track them throughout their stay in-country. The comprehensive traveler management system is able to incorporate advanced biometrics, powerful graphing and search tools, and automated electronic gates that address the challenge of improving efficiency and decision making.

The complete ABMS solution features an adaptable platform to protect your investment long term and the flexibility of a local, distributed, or cloud configuration. Functions available include:

  • Bilateral message exchange between government and carriers
  • A comprehensive range of biometric capture devices for identity validation
  • Automated document and identity validation and verification
  • Integrated traveler clearance with integrated eVisas, threat analysis, and profiling