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Managing Passenger Growth

Quick Facts

  • Powerful multimedia information manager with XML, Flash, and video capabilities
  • Wireless Internet and personal device connections
  • No workstations to purchase
  • Library of layouts and promotional opportunities available
  • Scalable to any size airport


ARINC AirVue Datasheet

Flight Information Display ScreenWith passenger traffic steadily increasing every year and cost-efficiency at a premium, ARINC shapes innovation to ease airport congestion and keep people moving. AirVue—our versatile multimedia airport flight information display system (FIDS)—lets passengers view real-time flight information in the airport, from cell phones, PDAs, or any Internet connection, keeping them up to date wherever they are—allowing them more free time before boarding.

AirVue is designed to be budget-conscious and create new revenue opportunities. We use standard off-the-shelf hardware to reduce installation costs—and eliminate the need for bulky, expensive workstations. Designed for the flexibility to rotate multiple screens, change visual formats, and utilize displays, logos, video, and Flash capabilities, AirVue provides several channels to generate new revenue.

Passenger-focused and revenue-driven, AirVue is the flexible, intelligent FIDS system configured for the modern airport.