Affordable Departure Control System for Any Size Airport

Quick Facts

  • L-DCS is certified on all major common-use terminal equipment (CUTE)
  • Fully scalable to any size airport
  • As a stand-alone system, L-DCS operates from a local database run directly by the application
  • Support International Air Transport Association (IATA) Type B messaging
  • Can be provided as an ARINC-hosted service to minimize on-site support costs


L-DCS Datasheet

Did You Know

L-DCS security includes certified Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved selectee and special watch lists, Bibliographic Retrieval Services (BRS) interfaces for baggage, and aviation authority mandated check-in procedures.

Boost check-in and boarding efficiency with LocalCheckSM—a stand-alone Local Departure Control System (L-DCS)—from ARINC. Optimized and scaled to be ideal for charter and regional carriers, LocalCheck is the most widely-used L-DCS available.

The main L-DCS features include:

  • check-in
  • passenger handling
  • seating
  • bag tags
  • boarding passes
  • automated boarding
  • aircraft weight and balance loading
  • flight editing

The popular and proven system reduces costs by significantly decreasing training times—typically only taking two hours to ready agents on the easy-to-use, intuitive program. Smoother terminal flow and more efficient boarding gives passengers more free time pre-flight, creating added revenue opportunities for your airline as well.

LocalCheck eases airport congestion even more with common-use kiosks and online passenger check-in. Both are simple and secure—giving your passengers even more convenience and personal control.

LocalCheck--coupled with LocalServ, our common-use self-service check-in application--is the departure control system designed to make efficiency and functionality affordable for all airlines.