Fostering Consolidation

Quick Facts

  • Fast data-retrieval and real-time updates from any location
  • Full redundancy
  • Stores daily information and historical data
  • Scalable to any size airport

In an ever-changing, rapidly growing industry, ARINC focuses on providing airports with consolidated, scalable, adaptable solutions—like our Airport Data Base (AirDB)—designed to maximize efficiency from curbside to runway.

Passenger Looking at Flight Information DisplaysAirport personnel and airline staff can quickly and easily access AirDB from any terminal on a single web-based interface, getting flight schedules and details, gate, belt, and desk assignments, as well as any historical information needed. The highly reliable system warehouses and distributes vital data throughout the airport—facilitating operational flow and easing passenger management.

Designed to interoperate seamlessly with AirVue—our flight information display system (FIDS), AirDB is scalable to any operation and built to adapt and grow as your airport’s needs do. From curb to curb, ARINC has every solution to maximize operations, mitigate airport congestion, and create consistently cost-effective passenger services.

The backbone of any airport’s operations, AirDB is the ultimate data storage, network integration, and information management solution.