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AviNet® Type B—Mission-Critical Messaging

Quick Facts

  • Secure access to established user community
  • Guaranteed delivery despite system outages
  • Message accounting including storage, retrieval, and statistics
  • Using AviNet Network Solutions, allows for private and public network interfaces
  • Any-to-any protocol conversion functions
  • 24x7 support

AviNet Type B messaging provides reliable and economical messaging for mission-critical business-to-business communications for the aviation industry. Processing over 15 million messages daily to over 700 industry users worldwide, AviNet Type B is used for a variety of message types including GLOBALink ACARS®, passenger reservations, weather data and flight planning.

AviNet Type B ImageAviNet Type B provides the highest level of assured message delivery available, based on store-and-forward capabilities and a robust set of IATA standard message routing features built into ARINC’s high-availability message platform. It supports legacy, proprietary, and custom messaging applications, as well as industry-standard IP-based MQ and MATIP formats.

ARINC’s Type B service continues to evolve with the industry while also introducing next-generation messaging standards such as AviNet eXchange a Web Services interface for XML messaging.

And, unlike other providers, ARINC delivers this high performance with a flexible pricing model. AviNet Type B delivers an unbeatable combination of high value and low cost.

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