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AviNet® Global Partner Connect

Quick Facts

  • Secure access to established user community
  • High-speed, high-performance network for immediate response
  • Industry standard IP-based MQ and MATIP formats
  • Web Services interface for XML messages
  • End-to-end proactive management
  • 24x7 support

AviNet Global Partner Connect takes Type A host-to-host messaging or any business-to-business message or data exchange to the next level.

AviNet Global Partner Connect ImageWhen used with any of the AviNet Network Solutions suite of products, AviNet Global Partner Connect delivers a fully managed service with end-to-end service level agreements, and the only turnkey solution in the industry. ARINC provides full implementation support, 24x7 end-to-end network management, and single-source responsibility.

Because ARINC’s messaging service is not built on legacy infrastructure, we can offer customers a low-cost, flat pricing plan with substantial savings compared with usage-based pricing of other providers.

AviNet Global Partner Connect can also lower your cost with any-to-any protocol conversion features—exclusively available from ARINC. AviNet converts between IP and legacy protocols, and even between different IP-based messaging formats, enabling you to migrate to IP communications regardless of the protocols used by your trading partners. And, you can completely avoid the high cost of integration, lower reliability, and additional maintenance and support costs that come with adding custom solutions or network appliances.

With attractive pricing plans and elimination of legacy infrastructure, Global Partner Connect provides a high return and a low risk on your investment.