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Quick Facts

  • Compatible with existing infrastructures
  • Data store-and-forward providing immediate access to content at GateFusion airports
  • Single point of contact for outages, repair, billing, and other support services


GateFusion Datasheet

Gatelink Frequently Asked Questions - Airlines

Gatelink Frequently Asked Questions - Airports

Did You Know

ARINC has been instrumental in the development of gatelink standards from the beginning. Most of today’s gatelink-specific equipment and procedures have been designed and implemented to these standards.

Sending and receiving information to and from your aircraft just got a whole lot easier. With ARINC’s GateFusion, you can move large data files seamlessly with the optimal wireless connection between aircraft and ground-based applications.

Airplane at gateThis connection, which allows for a seamless transfer of data such as Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), electronic flight bag (EFB), and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE), is comprehensive—including multiple servers for fast, easy data transfers.

What’s more, you can configure your individual network setup so that data can be pre-staged for delivery, or sent the conventional way. Regardless, you can count on ARINC to get the right information to the right plane at the right time.

And, you’ll save time and money by eliminating the need for costly, high bandwidth communication links between your applications and the individual airports because GateFusion uses a shared infrastructure model. With GateFusion, ARINC becomes your single point of contact for a consistent worldwide managed service that takes the complexity out of implementing multiple solutions in multiple disparate airport environments.

You tell us the aircraft, the airport, and the gates and we take it from there. GateFusion is also easy on the budget with a per-aircraft and per-gate fee to provide a flat monthly rate. It doesn’t get better than that.

And, GateFusion is a smart system. If your aircraft pushes back while information is still loading, GateFusion will mark where the data transfer was suspended and then send it to the next equipped airport for resumption of delivery.