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AviNet® FTP—Type B Messaging Made Easy

Quick Facts

  • A secure, reliable, and flexible aviation messaging service
  • Can transfer and receive files in either compressed or noncompressed format
  • Automatic notification of session alerts and failures
  • 24x7 system support

AviNet FTP is an economical, reliable way to send and receive aviation messages by using simple FTP commands—manually or automatically from your application. ARINC FTP servers take care of converting files into Type B messages and connecting to the AviNet network for secure, authorized data exchange.

Avinet FTP ImageSubscribers may choose either a “pull” or “push” option for sending and receiving messages, using either a directory on the ARINC FTP server (“pull”), or having their own dedicated FTP server (“push”).

Messages are sent in compressed GZIP format ensuring message integrity and fast transmission time.