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AviNet® Fax for Low-Volume Type B Messaging

Quick Facts

  • Type B messages remain intact and safe throughout transmission
  • Delivery acknowledgment message with convenient explanation codes are sent back to the sender
  • 99.5% or better deliverability rate
  • 24x7 service and support

AviNet Fax is an easy and convenient solution to low-volume Type B message exchange. It works with any of the AviNet Messaging Solutions suite of products to send fax messages from Type B applications. For example, AviNet Mail uses a fax template in Microsoft Outlook or Web Access to collect message content and format it automatically into a Type B message. The Type B message is then routed to LAN-Aces, which delivers the message to a designated fax machine.

AviNet Fax/Telex ImageThe message sender receives delivery notification via a Type B message directly from LAN-Aces. If the message cannot be delivered, the sender receives an error code that indicates the reason for non-delivery and the ARINC messaging system will continue to reroute the message to the fax service so that further delivery attempts can be made.

Backed by one of the most secure private networks in the world, your messages will remain intact and secure with one of the best delivery rates in the industry.