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AviNet® eXchange—The Open Messaging Solution

Quick Facts

  • Ideal for modern applications with Web Service interfaces
  • Enables rapid development using generally available XML tools
  • Backward compatibility with IATA and ICAO messaging standards
  • No need for maintaining costly legacy systems and interfaces

With AviNet eXchange open messaging solution, you get the best of all worlds.It lets you take advantage of the ease and flexibility of XML and Web Services, and still meet the air transport industry’s stringent requirements for security and message assurance.

AviNet eXchange ImageAviNet eXchange is ideal for companies that are upgrading or deploying newer applications that already use Web Services and XML capabilities, even if you still need to communicate with customers and suppliers who are relying on legacy airline interfaces.

You can send an XML-formatted message into AviNet eXchange for delivery to a trading partner or for translation into a legacy message format, such as Type B. XML messages can be exchanged over secure HTTP sessions using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) or through commonly used middleware connections such as WebSphere MQ.

Whether you are exchanging e-ticketing data with a trading partner, transmiting Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) data, or sending a Spec 2000 order for spare parts to a supplier, AviNet eXchange can help you move to open standards now.

That’s the beauty of XML—and AviNet eXchange:It’s eXtensible, so it can be easily adapted to support all of your messaging needs now and into the future.