AviNet® Broadband Keeps Remote Sites Connected

Quick Facts

  • Security on par with private networking
  • Integrates 500 ISPs in a seamless solution
  • Customizable resiliency options backed by SLAs
  • Multiple customer router options
  • Multiple access technologies
  • 24x7 support

AviNet Broadband is a fully managed and secure solution that lets you bring high-speed DSL and cost-effective Internet transport to your off-headquarters locations.

AviNet Broadband ImageWith ten times the bandwidth of legacy connections at a fraction of the cost, AviNet Broadband is ideally suited for connectivity to airports, cargo operations, field service offices, city ticket offices, self-service kiosks, and remote check-in systems, supporting high-bandwidth applications running in remote sites.

Through AviNet Broadband, ARINC delivers a managed Internet solution in more countries than any other service provider. It lets you source all of your broadband services worldwide from a single provider—today—with procurement, implementation, billing, and network management handled through a single point of contact.

No one else offers the global reach, the robust product design, and the implementation experience to enable rapid adoption of Internet broadband.