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Air Traffic Control (ATC) Systems

Concept to Capability ATC Solutions

Quick Facts

  • Design, installation and integration, and life-cycle sustainment
  • Pipeline to rapidly support Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) teams
  • Dozens of recent installations in Iraq and Afghanistan

ATC SystemsEvery day air traffic controllers rely on ARINC to help them deliver the critical messages that keep passengers safe and the industry moving. In fact, the aviation industry as a whole relies on ARINC to deliver hundreds of millions of voice and data, data link and ATC error free messages each year. We know Air Traffic Control inside and out. We understand the challenges you face and the stringent requirements you have to meet. It’s why our experienced, highly skilled team is made up of air traffic controllers, engineers, and technical specialists dedicated to providing the best solutions from concept to capability.

From design to installation and integration, to modifications and training, and all the way through life-cycle sustainment, the ARINC ATC team tackles the full-scope technical complexity of each phase with a relentless focus on cost management and schedule and performance risks. We also assure a safe and seamless cutover of critical ATC services from old facilities to new.

ARINC ATC solutions include:

  • ATC Towers (ATCTs)
  • Radar Approach Controls (RAPCONs)
  • Area Control Centers (ACCs)
  • Ground-to-Air Transmitter/Receiver Sites (GATR)
  • Airport Surveillance Radars (ASR)
  • Navigational Aids (NAVAIDs)