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GLOBALinkSM Airline Operations Center Network (AOCnet)

Direct Connection Between Major Airlines and the FAA for Collaborative Decision Making

Quick Facts

  • Primary FAA network to communicate with AOCs
  • Provides ASDI data for flight scheduling, weather information, traffic congestion, and emergencies
  • Complete airspace picture of U.S., U.K. and Canada


GLOBALink FAA Operations Center Communications Datasheet

See Our Aviation Communications Glossary

Operations CenterThe ARINC Airline Operations Center (AOC) network—AOCnet—is a proven, extremely reliable network-based communications service provided by ARINC to major and regional air carriers throughout North America and Europe. This TCP/IP-based service connects AOCs directly with the FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center, enabling the timely exchange of collaborative decision-making information and supporting other time-critical operational activities.

For example, FAA operations centers continually make decisions to hold or cancel flights at airports because of delays, traffic congestion, weather problems, emergencies, and other conditions. The FAA uses ARINC's AOCnet to communicate with affected AOCs, allowing the FAA and carriers to discuss the situation before final FAA decisions are implemented.

ARINC's AOCnet is the primary network used by the FAA to distribute aircraft situation display to industry (ASDI) data to AOCs. These data essentially contain the complete airspace picture for the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada—and most major air carriers have developed their own graphic systems for displaying this data feed. The displays are used to harmonize flight operations, track aircraft, and make informed decisions regarding weather changes, airport delays, FAA directions to launch or hold aircraft, and other operational activities.

The ASDI data are also used by airport authorities and carriers to feed flight information displays at major airports across the country.

AOCnet routers and circuits are monitored 24x7 to ensure high availability, and as part of the AOCnet service, ARINC also manages customer access to the FAA's Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). In times of an FAA failover to DRC, ARINC will perform network reroutes so that customer reconfiguration of end systems is not required.