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GLOBALinkSM Air Traffic Services

The world’s leading Data Link Service Provider (DSP)

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With ground stations in 92 countries worldwide, hundreds of stations in North America alone, and the highest uplink message success rate of any DSP, ARINC's GLOBALinkSM Air Traffic Services are built on a communications infrastructure second to none. ARINC provides seamless critical message capabilities for air traffic controllers, air crews and operations without disruption. Extensive end-to-end support includes operations in Europe and the Middle-East, bolstered by integrated transparent technologies ACARS, Inmarsat and Iridium.

Key benefits of ARINC Air Traffic Systems:

  • The world’s largest provider of air-ground and satellite communications for over 200 commercial airlines and over 2500 private aircraft.
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) increase air traffic management capacity by automating routine tasks and improving safety.
  • Supports FAA Data Communications Avionics Equipage paths FAN 1/A+, ATN and VDL Mode 2 Data Link.
  • One of world’s largest private packet switched data netowrks, providing interoperability among intercontinental users.
  • Meets industry technical standards as adopted by the Airline Electrical Engineering Committee (AEEC), Avionics Maintenance Conference (AMC), and Flight Simulator Engineering & Maintenance Conference (FSEMC).
  • Provides vital support for FAA NextGen DataComm solutions to reduce congestion, create faster turnaround times, greater reporting accuracy, and more efficient flight operations.