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Radio Technology Solutions (RTS)

Quick Facts

  • Repair, maintenance, design, sales, installation, and life-cycle engineering
  • LMR, Aviation Air-Ground Radio, and Dispatch Console Systems
  • Licensed reseller and dealer for multiple radio equipment manufacturers
  • 6 regional maintenance centers nationwide and 200 OCMs
  • Firm-fixed pricing or time and materials contracts capability


Radio Technology Solutions Datasheet

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Delivering sustainable systems that meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals

Whether your critical communication needs are ground-to-ground, air-to-ground, dispatch console control, or any other communication requirement, RTS can help from inception to implementation and beyond:

  • Design and engineering
  • Equipment and parts sales
  • Installation and repair
  • Asset, program, and configuration management
  • Propagation analysis
  • RF environment analysis
  • Life-cycle maintenance
  • Air Ground Radio Services
  • Global Ground Radio Service
  • Integrated air-ground and LMR ground system implementation

Highly reliable voice and data communications

Our voice and data communication solutions allow ground staff at airports across the country to keep in constant touch. ARINC's AviNet Wireless Dispatch Service provides highly reliable, multifunctional voice/data communication by using technologies such as

  • Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
  • Land Mobile Radio
  • Voice over IP / Radio over IP networks
  • Communications Consoles
  • VHF Radio

This means that users can communicate conveniently and accurately without interference from other communications traffic.

Solutions which are as economical as they are effective

RTS offers a number of economical options for your communications needs, from one-time calls to fully inclusive maintenance contracts that will ultimately improve your bottom line. Our flexibility helps you circumvent manufacturers’ stringent damage standards—reducing high repair and operating costs. And because we design, install, and maintain our own radio and console systems, you can avoid upgrading every time a manufacturer introduces a new product.

Available all over the United States, RTS is wherever you are

With 6 strategically located maintenance centers—New York, Miami, Ft. Worth, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—and a network of over 200 on-call maintenance technicians, you can be assured of prompt and reliable service. All of our technicians have airport badging, giving them full concourse and ramp access, and our 24×7 service desk is always available for immediate support.

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