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GLOBALinkSM Flight Crew Applications

Simplifying Security and Maintaining Passenger Flow

Quick Facts

  • Expedited security measures for pilots and crewmembers
  • Automated identity querying
  • Advanced biometrics
  • Optimizes passenger and airport flow


GLOBALink Flight Crew Applications Datasheet

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CockpitAviation security changes frequently these days. Airlines have to adapt quickly to new requirements without hindering the mobility of their own crew members. Operating inefficiently affects everything from passenger processing to airport flow to revenue opportunity. ARINC’s flight crew applications not only strengthen security, but augment flight crew movement as well.

The Cockpit Access Security System (CASS) enables flight crew to continue to use the cockpit jumpseat with identity assurance. The CASS system lets gate agents query any participating airline’s database of personnel to verify employee status, electronically authorizing use of the jumpseat and maintaining this valuable mobility for crewmembers securely and efficiently.

The Crew Personnel Advanced Screening System (CrewPASS) includes state-of-the-art fingerprint biometrics to give pilots and flight attendants faster, more secure access to airport sterile areas—effectively fulfilling IATA’s initiatives to simplify and harmonize travel security without sacrificing passenger flow.