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Commercial Aviation

Comprehensive Voice and Data Services and Applications

More than 80 years ago ARINC was formed to support the many complex and critical airline communication needs for the burgeoning commercial aviation industry. Over the course of eight decades ARINC has become the global industry leader—depended on by airlines around the world to deliver flexible, highly-reliable, cost-effective solutions, to evolve and adapt technology that optimizes and expands customer capabilities, and to seamlessly meld a true GLOBALink of voice and data communications.

Voice & Data Communications

Network infrastructure of flight communication capabilities

In-Flight Applications

Message management, information reporting, weather, and flight crew security services

Radio Installation & Maintenance

Repair, maintenance, design, sales, installation, and life-cycle engineering for all airport radio systems.


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Did You Know

ARINC was not only the first, but still is the only High Frequency Data Link provider in the world with global coverage.

More airlines than ever before are requesting their new aircraft be configured for HFDL.

Provided that basic HF transmission precautions are made, HFDL can also be used while the aircraft is on the ground—making it one of the most versatile forms of aircraft communication available today.


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