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Flight Support Services for Business Aviation

Flight Planning

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Quick Facts

  • Tailored flight plans
  • Real-time tracking
  • ARINC is an FAA QICP-certified weather provider
  • Create and change flight plans and routes from PDAs
  • 7,500 contract fuel locations worldwide


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Dedicated Flight Following Datasheet

Contract Fuel Services Datasheet

Did You Know

ARINC Direct was the first general aviation service provider to be certified as compliant with the FAA's Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) initiative.

plane silouetteARINC DirectSM delivers the innovative flight planning tools original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), flight departments, and training facilities rely on for their most critical needs. Advanced route planning, airway slot management, runway analysis, and collaborative decision making (CDM) participation are just a few of the services that make ARINC a proven, trusted leader in business aviation solutions.

We tailor flight plans to individual aircraft performance parameters and flight departure preferences—ensuring accurate trip times, routes, and fuel consumption. The plans are available for customers via data link or disk, for error-free loading into your flight management system (FMS).

Comprehensive flight planning services include:

  • Worldwide flight planning (U.S. and metric) and electronic filing
  • Multiple Route OptimizationTM
  • Known RoutesTM database
  • ATC Routes and Coded Departure Routes
  • Customized weight and balance solutions
  • Thousands of CFMU/eRAD-compliant routes
  • Graphical route and weather depictions
  • Runway analysis with obstacle data by APG
  • Integrated AC-U-KWIK data
  • Medical and security intelligence and advisories
  • Automatic notification of EDCTs and CTOTs
  • Critical fuel (ETP) and driftdown computations
  • ETOPS compliance
  • Turbulence planning and defined-area avoidance
  • Third-party provider flight plan storage
  • Local time support
  • Hundreds of flight plan formats
  • Ability to create e-mail and fax flight plan packages
  • 24-hour flight planning and technical support
  • eAPIS
  • Integrated RAIM predictions

Qualified Internet Communications Provider (QICP) Weather Services

Any way to enhance situational awareness is crucial to pilots. ARINC Direct gives you the most detailed weather data anywhere, at any time—customized to your operational preferences. As an FAA QICP-certified weather provider, we offer a multitude of services—including a wide array of text products and hundreds of prognostic charts and animations.

Our highly accurate and trusted weather services include:

  • Hundreds of web-based graphical weather charts
  • Area forecasts and route weather briefings
  • Wind and temperature aloft data
  • “Plain language” passenger weather briefs
  • Route of flight images with weather overlays
  • Significant weather charts and other prognostic chart
  • Worldwide radar and satellite imagery

Graphical Flight Following

Exclusive graphical flight following technology, from ARINC Direct, lets you track aircraft worldwide in real time, view weather overlays, aircraft data blocks containing estimated time of arrival (ETA), altitude, and ground speed. You can also compose and send data link messages to your aircraft, while viewing up to five computed flight plans.

We track the location of your aircraft based on radar data and position reports using our flight following service, allowing you to view your planned route versus the actual flight flown at all times.

Versatile and optimized for operational efficiency, ARINC Direct’s Flight Following Services enable many conveniences:

  • Securely track your aircraft from any computer
  • View other traffic, weather, and trends
  • Monitor in-flight movements and diversions
  • Point-and-click communication with the flight crew

ARINC Direct Mobile

Now ARINC Direct customers can create and submit flight plans using a portable BlackBerry® or other personal wireless devices when they need to make last-minute changes and cannot get to a computer. ARINC Direct Mobile allows pilots and flight departments to access vital features of our web-enabled flight planning service.

In addition, customers can view flight routes with weather radar overlays, update departure times, retrieve text weather, and view the status of flight plans in their account. Trip kits can be created and faxed, or e-mailed—all from a personal wireless device.

ARINC Direct Mobile offers extensive services that allow pilots to get the most up-to-date information possible without a computer:

  • Create, file, amend, and cancel flight plans
  • Support for all common mobile browsers
  • Real-time text and graphical weather products
  • Send messages to and from the aircraft
  • Fuel ordering capability
  • Route of flight depictions
  • Animated (looping) radar imagery
  • Access to airport information from AC-U-KWIK

Air Traffic Services

As the first general aviation provider to be certified to participate in the FAA’s CDM initiative, ARINC Direct is uniquely positioned to give customers greater operational efficiency, shorter delay times, the most accurate information, and routing benefits.

In addition, flight crews and ground personnel have access to Digital ATIS (D-ATIS), Terminal Weather Information for Pilots (TWIP), and other Air Traffic Services (ATS) prior to and during flight. In North America and Europe, ARINC Direct provides tools to manage airport and airway slots, as well as manage various ATS functions.

  • Participation in CDM
  • Access to D-ATIS, TWIP, and other advisories
  • EUROCONTROL airway slot management
  • EUROCONTROL route amendments
  • High-density and special-event airport reservations

Contract Fuel Services

ARINC Direct offers contract fuel at over 7,500 locations across the globe—and we are the only company that gives you the tools to shop for fuel when you need the information most—when you are doing your flight planning. Our customers get online access to fuel quotes at multiple locations, and with the click of a button can request a fuel release (purchase order) for a specific location.

By taking advantage of ARINC Direct’s economies-of-scale, fuel customers receive a new level of purchasing power. We continuously compare the prices of the industry’s leading refiners, resellers, and fixed base operators (FBOs) and provide this information to you—eliminating the need to scan and shop multiple websites and weekly pricelists.

Benefits for ARINC Direct Contract Fuel Services include:

  • Contract fuel and credit at 7,000+ locations worldwide
  • Fuel contracts with more than 30 suppliers/refineries and hundreds of FBOs
  • Access to ARINC Direct Virtual Fuel DeskTM
  • Shop fuel prices while flight planning
  • Online fuel quoting and ordering program
  • No credit cards required