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Flight Deck Communications for Business Aviation

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Quick Facts

  • Global communications coverage
  • Highest bandwidth speeds possible
  • Pioneer of Iridium data link technology
  • Avionics and services designed for optimal cockpit efficiency
  • Large selection of world-class graphic display options


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Did You Know

Expanded Weather RadarSM is available to aircraft equipped with the Honeywell Primus EpicTM avionics suite. This new service, exlusive to ARINC Direct, allows pilots to get real-time radar data in previously unavailable regions of the world.

self-taggingARINC DirectSM is your one-stop source for data link communications. Over half of the world’s business jets rely on us for their air-to-ground communication needs. From the value and reliability of our SATCOM and Iridium-based solutions, to the proven industry-standard ACARS® and expanded capabilities of VDLM2, to our expert Air Traffic Services (ATS) and world-class weather graphics technology—ARINC Direct goes above and beyond to ensure you have communications you can always trust.

Data Link Services (ACARS®/VDLM2)

ACARS® is the most trusted, proven, reliable communications system in the world. ARINC Direct provides private and corporate aircraft owners the same venerable service the commercial industry has been using for over 20 years—tailoring it to your individual needs and operational preferences.

VDLM2 expands on ACARS® capabilities to offer even greater bandwidth and a more extensive suite of flight information, operational control, and ATC applications than ever before. With a capacity more than ten times that of ACARS®, pilots can use the weather graphics, electronic charts, and aircraft monitoring programs now readily available, to boost flight efficiency and safety.

ARINC Direct data link communications capabilities include:

  • Support for all avionics types
  • Uplink flight plans and weather to the FMS
  • Uplink flight plans from ARINC and third-party providers
  • Uplink Coded Departure Routes (CDRs) as needed
  • Send and receive e-mails, faxes, and text (SMS) messages
  • Message via Type B (IATA) and ICAO (AFTN) networks
  • Concierge and message delivery services
  • Text and graphical weather
  • Uplink winds and temperature aloft
  • Aircraft-to-aircraft messaging
  • Email to aircraft

Satellite Data Link (SATCOM) Services

ARINC Direct SATCOM communications allow operators of private aircraft crisp, clear, continuous coverage anywhere. It also provides real-time information on departures, destinations, movement times, engine parameters, delays, positioning, maintenance, and winds aloft.

Our satellite communications solutions include:

  • SATCOM voice and data services
  • Inmarsat solutions including support for Aero-H/H+/I, Mini-M, Swift64
  • Solutions for legacy networks such as Aero-C
  • Iridium data link solutions
  • Satellite connectivity to FSS and oceanic ATC facilities
  • Satellite graphical weather support
  • Single-number fleet dialing through ARINC Direct DialTM
  • Automatic detection of incoming faxes
  • Online interface to view real-time activity
  • 24x7 technical support with no minimum contracts
  • Seamless L-band and Ku-band switching (vice versa)
  • Managed service with no minimum contracts
  • Online interface to view real-time activity
  • Simplified pricing and billing

Iridium Data Link Solutions

As part of our total communications solution, ARINC Direct delivers its customers global data link services—even where ground stations are unreliable or nonexistent—ensuring the timely, accurate delivery of aircraft operational control (AOC) messages.

Two-way text messaging, flight movement data, text and graphical weather, Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) alerts, and in-flight route planning are just a few of the applications made possible by Iridium satellite services around the world.

Iridium also provides valuable redundancy for satellite services while requiring minimal equipage or upgrade costs, creating a cost-effective and vital communications service for your aircraft.

ARINC Direct patented data link-over-Iridium technology in 2007—trust your Iridium communications to the company that pioneered the technology.

ATS Data Link Services

Pilots today have to be able to access critical operational and safety information as quickly and efficiently as possible. ARINC stands at the forefront of the data link technology that makes this possible—and ARINC Direct gives pilots access to the most reliable ATS services possible.

Our versatile ATS solutions minimize cockpit workload while providing accurate real-time information. Whether it’s a departure or fight clearance, weather conditions, or any other report, operators of private aircraft are assured the latest digital network technology for ATS messages automatically displayed in the cockpit.

Our data link ATS services include:

  • Predeparture Clearances (PDC and DCL)
  • Oceanic Clearance Delivery (OCD)
  • FANS, ADS, and CPDLC capability (approved avionics)
  • D-ATIS, TWIP, flow reports
  • North Atlantic Track (NAT) messages 

Flight Deck Weather Graphics

ARINC Direct supports flight deck weather graphics for a variety of avionics types, including next-generation flight decks with Honeywell Primus Epic® or Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21® avionics suites.

Only ARINC Direct unleashes the full power of your Honeywell Primus Epic flight deck. As the only service provider capable of offering radar data outside of the continental United States, you can rest assured knowing you always have the most up-to-the-minute weather in the flight deck.

ARINC Direct also fully supports all available weather graphics for the Pro Line 21 avionics suite and, depending on your configuration, will display the graphics on either the CDU or IFIS.

In addition, ARINC Direct supports weather graphics to Honeywell AFIS® units equipped with GNS-XLS or NZ-2000 avionics.

View the supported graphics for each avionics type.