Voice and data communications from the ground up

With the unmatched perspective and expertise afforded a company that has supported the Aviation Industry in ten decades, ARINC understands what it means to help steer such a global economic pillar. For the next two decades global air traffic is expected to rise 5% per year. More than 30,000 new aircraft will enter service in the next two decades.

From curb-to-curb and beyond the industry is evolving. Self-serve technology is spreading airport-wide, enhancing passenger flow, allowing airports and airlines to operate at unprecedented levels of efficiency and opening new lines of revenue. Travelers want to be able to move seamlessly from booking their flight to returning home, easing facilitation through all touch-points with mobile and paperless e-solutions, and to be stress-free about baggage and security. ARINC solutions are leading the way with first-of-its-kind technology at every step of the journey. Our global communications infrastructure and vision in complex systems integration helps enable airlines, airports and their customers to stay stride for stride with a growing, advancing industry.

Aircraft Operations

Commercial Aviation

Business Aviation

Every day ARINC helps more than 14,000 commercial aircraft for over 300 airlines execute 100,000+ take off and landings with mission-critical communication capabilities.

ARINC provides critical support services for more than 2,500 private aircraft around the world, delivering first class solutions from the flight deck through the cabin.

Airport Operations

Airport-Airline Operations

Passenger Processing

Network infrastructure and communication capabilities that enable the Aviation Industry to flow seamlessly.

ARINC knows the smoother passenger flow is the better for the entire industry and that’s why our solutions are always seeking to keep people moving, and revenue opportunities growing.



Whether it’s bag drops that keep passengers from standing in line, self-tagging at kiosks, tracking that ensures all bags match boarded passengers, or claim systems that get you out the door faster, ARINC knows bags.

Advanced biometrics, expedited crew screening, passenger information (API), electronic border solutions, and sophisticated access control and systems integration capabilities make ARINC a leader in airport security.


Managed Services

Keeping passengers moving at every touch-point.

The industry’s best systems maintenance and support, onsite or in the cloud.

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