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We apply our expertise to meet the challenges of today’s mission-critical industries. From the security requirements of the modern airport to the complex engineering needs of the military to emerging network applications. We develop and operate communications and information processing systems and provide systems engineering and integration solutions to these industry.



With the unmatched perspective and expertise afforded a company that has supported the Aviation Industry in ten decades, ARINC understands what it means to help steer such a global economic pillar. For the next two decades global air traffic is expected to rise 5% per year. More than 30,000 new aircraft will enter service in the next two decades.

Transportation involves more than just getting from point A to point B. It requires crafting intelligent solutions that can effectively track, dispatch, manage, and secure assets. ARINC is a leader in advanced technology transportation solutions that manage the control, security, and communications of rail and transit travel for millions of people every day.



At ARINC security is woven into the fabric of everything we do. Whether physical or cyber ARINC capabilities help customers protect the most critical elements of their business.   

Supporting the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Department of Defense for over 50 years ARINC brings a powerful perspective and an extensive array of capabilities to the table when supporting Government Agencies. Today we support governments around the world as well with aviation, airport and border control solutions.



With more than 100,000 square feet of hangar space and expertise on more than a dozen key airframes ARINC Aerospace capabilities encompass a diverse and adaptable skillset. Our facility in Oklahoma City is an FAA Certified Repair Station and an Authorized Rockwell Collins Installation Facility. ARINC is a Cessna preferred supplier for special mission aircraft and a Boeing and BBJ approved supplier.