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Supplier Representations and Certifications

Upon request by an ARINC procurement official, suppliers must complete and submit a signed Supplier Representations and Certifications Form 600-1 or have their current Representations and Certifications on the U.S. Government Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) web site. Additional representations and certifications may also be required for U.S. Export Control purposes and cost-based procurements.

ARINC Form 600-1, November 2011 (Microsoft Word, 255 KB)
Supplier Representations and Certifications: This form is to be completed and signed by the supplier upon request by an ARINC procurement official, unless the supplier’s information is currently on the U.S. Government ORCA web site.

ARINC Form 208-1 (Microsoft Word, 34 KB)
Subcontractor's Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data: Suppliers must complete this form upon completion of negotiations for U.S. Government-related procurements in excess of $650,000 and which require the submission of certified cost or pricing data.

ARINC Form AR-6311 (Microsoft Word, 149 KB)
Subcontractor Business Systems Survey: Suppliers must complete this form prior to the award of any Federal Government-related cost reimbursable or time-and-material procurement.

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