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EMEA Product List

Airline Operations

Airport Communications

A surface-transportation operation system that provides advanced vehicle tracking, dispatching, security, and control systems.

The global network that combines one of the largest private data networks in the world with mobile voice and data solutions, supporting legacy Type A and Type B services, together with IP, WAN, and DSL connectivity to airline hosts, airline partners, and service providers globally.

Airport Database

Airport Systems Integration Services

Provides airport managers and personnel, airline staff, and other authorized vendors with both current and historical airport, airline, and flight data to help them perform planning, reporting, and daily/seasonal scheduling activities.

ARINC specifies, installs, and integrates a full spectrum of airport systems, as well as airport communications products and services.

ARINC Store/Standards

Baggage Handling

Sells standards developed by the AEEC, as well as CDs of ARINC-developed software and training

Features ARINC's two integrated baggage systems, BagMatch and BagLink.

Business Aviation

Cabin Applications

The complete source for business aviation services, including flight support services, dispatch, flight planning, RVSM services, and satellite services.

Internet access, email, SMS, up-to-date news, weather, and sports. Airlines can let passengers have it all now with GLOBALink’s exhaustive entertainment and communication options. Staying connected is as easy as taking their seat.

Flight Information Displays

Managed Services

AirVue—our versatile multimedia airport flight information display system (FIDS)—lets passengers view real-time flight information in the airport, from cell phones, PDAs, or any Internet connection, keeping them up to date wherever they are—allowing them more free time before boarding.

Provides a broad range of voice- and data-communications solutions and network services, from consultation, installation, maintenance, and outsourcing to project management and logistics for customer-owned equipment.

Network Operations

Passenger Processing

We help systems operators, communications service providers, and local exchange carriers achieve total visibility through the design, development, and implementation of high-quality NOCs.

We design, install and maintain processing solutions configured to be efficient, economical space-savers—fully integrated and easily adaptable to the always-evolving needs of airport operations.

Position Reporting

Security Systems

Displays complex aircraft information in an easy-to-understand format, while allowing air traffic controllers to customize their graphical displays.

With decades of experience providing proven, comprehensive solutions for the airports industry, ARINC understands the importance of security in every aspect of operations. It is interwoven into the architectural fabric of airport operations—protecting passengers, employees, information and infrastructure.

Self-Serve Kiosks

Transportation Control Systems

The common-user open platform that can easily run any CUSS-compliant check-in application.

ARINC delivers state-of-the-art Advanced Information Management (AIM) rail control centers that incorporate flexibility and features for commuter, subway, light-rail, or freight railway operators.

Voice & Data Communications


More than 80 years ago ARINC was formed to support the many complex and critical airline communication needs for the burgeoning commercial aviation industry.

Provides near-real-time text weather information to ACARS-equipped aircraft using any of ARINC's GLOBALink data link services.