ARINC's Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) operations offer total systems and service solutions to airline, airport, ground handling and air traffic management customers in the region. Established in 1999, EMEA recognizes the specific needs of our customers, their political, economic, and technical environments, and we have the dedicated industry experts to implement the best possible solutions.

Areas of Focus:   Airports  |  Aviation  |  Networks


To help airports handle increasing passenger volumes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, EMEA airport solutions are designed to be optimally versatile, adaptable, and scalable for the emerging technology of today and tomorrow. ARINC systems support operations from the world’s largest international hub—London Heathrow—to smaller, but fast-growing airports across the region.

Our common-use check-in systems, baggage management systems, new mobile device capabilities, and forthcoming biometric security innovations are all designed to ease chronic congestion, enabling greater efficiency and creating new opportunities to lower costs.

Ever-changing airport security requirements are an ongoing concern for airports as well. ARINC's expertise in managing real-time, interactive data between departure control systems and checkpoints can be a vital asset in supporting new IATA initiatives at all size airports.

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EMEA Aviation Solutions are focused on providing our business and commercial customers throughout the region with budget-conscious, high-quality communications services. We pro-actively study aircraft and airline requirements to configure the most cost-effective data link and voice services in the industry.

ARINC covers it all—comprehensive passenger connectivity services, the latest Air Traffic Control and flight deck requirements, and of course, as the only provider of all ACARS® communication mediums, global data link coverage with unmatched availability.

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EMEA Networks features a wide array of messaging solutions focused on reducing costs for small to medium size airlines and ground handlers. Our consultative methodology for larger organizations empowers our customers to better understand and optimize their current infrastructures. Dynamic sales teams based out of the UK and Dubai are committed to streamlining your operations and reducing your costs quickly—often within weeks.

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