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The Americas

North America

ARINC’s longstanding footprint in the North American region began when we were founded in 1929 by the predecessor of the FCC to support critical airline communications. Today, ARINC’s presence is known throughout North America in Aerospace, Aviation, Airports, Networks, Public Safety, Rail & Transit, and Security. Our communications, engineering and integration solutions optimize customer capabilities and help keep people moving more safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively across the continent.


For decades, ARINC has been helping Canadian airports get the most out of their operations. From the most advanced passenger processing, baggage handling and security systems integration to the industry standard for IT maintenance and support, ARINC offers a complete portfolio of solutions for our Canadian customers.

Latin America

ARINC's tradition and culture of innovation, quality products, and outstanding customer relationships has helped us expand rapidly throughout the emergent Latin America region and our commitment to continued growth is resolute. We deliver the best new technologies to keep Latin American and Caribbean businesses competitive and viable in a global market.

Our Latin America Key Products & Services

For more information, view more LA products or contact our Latin America office.