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The History of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC

Rockwell Collins' ARINC services and products began with the emergence of commercial air travel in the late 1920s: the major airlines of the day needed a communications provider to rely on. Appointed by the Federal Radio Commission (later known as the FCC) as the sole licensee, ARINC was born.

Over the years, we broadened our scope to provide engineering solutions in the aerospace and defense, aviation, airports, government, networks, security and transportation industries worldwide.

From the first air-to-ground communications and global data link systems to revolutionary battlefield visibility, critical national resource security and reverse engineering obsolete parts, over our 80+ year history we have dedicated ourselves to meet our customers' needs, when they need it, anywhere in the world.

In 2013, we were acquired by Rockwell Collins, a company with a similar history and reputation for trusted solutions in the aerospace and defense industry. When paired with Rockwell Collins' industry-leading information-enabled avionics and communications systems, our aviation network services and ground systems infrastructure—along with flight support, communications services and information processing—create seamless information management solutions for our aviation customers. And our relentless focus on innovation, efficiency and cost optimization allow us to deliver world class information-based services across the aviation & airports, rail and critical infrastructure sectors.