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Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Community Outreach

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC has a long-established history of supporting local and national charitable agencies through financial support and by encouraging our employees to voluntarily participate in community activities and charitable giving. The following are just some of the ways Rockwell Collins’ ARINC and our employees participate.

ARINC Charitable Team

Founded in 1992, the ARINC Charitable Team (ACT) provides volunteer services and financial support for local communities and charitable organizations throughout the United States. Each year employees choose the specific agencies that they would like to receive their donations—and because ARINC pays 100 percent of all administrative costs, the entire employee contribution is received by the charity. ACT has raised over $6 million since its founding.

ACT also sponsors the Holiday Sharing program, in which Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, as well as toys and new clothing, are provided to families in need.

Other ACT pursuits include:

  • Several employee fundraising events in Annapolis each year
  • A food and toy drive during the holiday season in San Diego on behalf of St. Vincent De Paul village
  • "Back to School" relief for children and schools in need in San Francisco
  • Sponsoring a tutoring program with the local Board of Education in Georgia
  • Active support for the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society in Panama City

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international, nonprofit organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races, and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need. As one of the community partners, ARINC provides funds and volunteers to rehabilitate community housing.

ARINC Technical Excellence Society (ATES)

ARINC Technical Excellence Society (ATES) was formed in 1988 to enhance the technical knowledge of all ARINC employees and to recognize significant technical accomplishments of ARINC staff. ATES offers a regular lecture and video series that covers a wide range of technical topics. Recently, ATES offered a Private Pilot Ground School for employees interested in learning more about the physics, rules, and regulations associated with flying an airplane.

ATES also works with the community to foster an interest in technical careers. Each year ATES awards $1,000 scholarships to deserving college-bound students who plan on majoring in a technical area. In addition, ATES provides financial grants to local organizations for projects that support the technical growth of ARINC personnel.

ARINC Astronomy Club (AAC)

The ARINC Astronomy Club (AAC) helps foster an interest in astronomy that is shared by ARINC employees and retirees, their families, and community members. The AAC holds scheduled events throughout the year, including an annual star party, and owns a telescope that is made available to members. AAC members are also encouraged to work directly within their communities and schools to promote an interest in astronomy and the space sciences. This includes an astronomy teaching project in Calvert County, Maryland, and demonstrations and lectures at the largest operating planetarium in Prince Frederick, Maryland. AAC is sponsored by the ARINC Technical Excellence Society.